Saturday, 21 February 2015

Earning your Stripes 21-215

After not fishing for perch for a while,today I was back on them.The weather forecast looked good until I got up,rain.I arrived at the water and decided to fish a new swim,tactics chopped worm in feeder and lobs for bait,feeding reds little and often.I decided to fish one rod close in,feed and not recast,the other rod I would cast every hour.

Chris joined me a little later,he was targeting Roach.As the morning went by,we had rain,sleet and hail
as soon as it looked like it was goin to cloud over,the sun shone,making fishing difficult in bright conditions.Chris was doin well with a few bream and smaller roach,my swim was producing liners and nothing else,not a beep on the margin rod.About 1pm Chris was into a nice bream ,that's when the hail came down again.Maggot and hemp was producing the goods as Chris was catching steady,then boom,a PB Roach for Chris.
1 Lb 4, made up for you mate.
things slowed down for Chris,we slowly packed up as I had to be home ,a few beeps on my rod,c,mon go I said,I had a drop back and a slow rise of the bobbin,I struck,perch on.
Not massive but well earned in tough condition,earned them stripes today.Well done to Chris,great fishing.
Till the next time bloggers,Tight Lines.

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