Saturday, 8 April 2017

Lee Martin Memorial Match Bradshaws Lake 3 .April 8 2017

Well another year has gone quick and we're back on brads 3 for Lees memorial match and what a cracking day it was with the weather.I Drew peg 9,not a bad spot inbetween 2 islands.It took nearly 30 minutes before I had my first bite.I was fishing the Tip with a flat bed pellet feeder ,micros and various hook baits.I was losing quite a few fish and I upped my hook size .I managed to find a snag twice and I carried on catching and still losing fish .As the day progressed it got warmer,everyone seemed to be catching on this glorious sunny day.Come afternoon I went on the pole for a short while and decided to knock it on the head and go back on the tip.I caught a few more and lost a few too.I caught a lovely ghost carp but it slipped out of my hands.One more Ide late on,and it was all out.I finished the match with 7 lb 6.
The winner was Dave Batchelor with 39 Lb.
Too my Left Peg 8
Too my right Peg 10 

My Swim
The Bait.
Till the next time .

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