Saturday, 25 March 2017

First Blog of 2017

Well it's been nearly 5 months since I last fished.I had just lost all my enthusiasm to get out there to do something I love to do,whether it's soaking up the countryside and relaxing,catching or blanking .
Well today I got out with carp on my mind .I headed out to a water near home,small amount of tackle and one rod.Tactics try to find some carp.First peg I fished to an island.,Solid bag cast out with a white pop up.The sun was shining,it was warm and I couldn't believe how much I'd missed being out again on the bank.Two hours flew by,lots of ducks and geese roaming in and out of my swim,I decided to move.I scattered about 6 boilies next to an overhanging tree cast out and sat back.Id been sat there for over an hour and I had my first bite,felt like a small bream,it came off.I moved again ,fishing to another island .The temps were dropping now as it was 5pm,I didn't start fishing till 1pm,how time flies 
When your sat there.I saw carp moving around to the left of the island ,so I recasted,sat back and nothing.I packed in a 6pm.It was great to be back out,it was a blank ,who cares.
Till the Next time Bloggers,Good to be back.

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