Saturday, 17 March 2012


I completed my 17th Trip Today,ive had 3 fish and 14 blanks,soul destroying.I cant say i havnt tried because ive worked so hard here and am willing to put up with people being walked by there dogs,people feeding the ducks,Dropped runs and  3 times having my bait stolen,lol.My lowest point came a few weeks ago when at exactly 3-30,which is known between a few of us as golden hour,i had a single beep,i didnt wait,unclipped the dropper and struck into a solid fish that shook the hooks.Fishing here this season as taken priority and i have had a few trips elsewhere to waters just as hard.Ive had 3 seasons on here now.Anyways still searching for the  Pale one,to be continued.........................................


  1. Thats was quick info Pete Thanks for the Text,
    Thas a great lump of water to expect to catch on, and to be honest 3 out of the 17 trips is a good return, Have you thought of useing bait atractant on your deads, Not to atract the pike but to atract the smaller fish to your dead bait, This will then bring the pike to you swim, Just one of my old arsse tips haha
    Cheers for the info again Pete,

  2. I have been useing mackaral oil and sardine oil on my baits,noticed a difference on one water from 2 trips,just keep trying,lol