Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentine's Day Grayling

Finally got out with Chris on the river it's been a while since our last session .We chose our Pegs and what a bitterly cold northerly wind with bright blue skies,it was going to be a tough day I thought.
Rod out,maggot feeder with maggot on the hook, river had dropped about 5 foot from last week.It would take just over an hour before my first bite,a small grayling they don't half fight.Over the next hour I managed to lose 2 fish and bag 2 trout.
Chris decided to join me as nothing was happening,plenty room in this peg for two .At around 11-30 I had a good pull on the tip and a New PB Grayling hit the net .

1-15 well chuffed.
Lunch time and still no sign of any dark cloud cover or this bitterly wind easing I managed another couple of trout and Chris had been snapped at least twice.
Finally Chris managed a Grayling too and he wasn't blanking now , more relieved I think as he was under the weather and felt he couldn't get warm even though he had more layers on than a mountain climber.
Dark clouds, but they didn't stay.I managed a few mire trout and Chris bagged one too.Bites had dried up and it was even colder now, we decided on another half hour , then Chris had a good pull and said maybe stay till five as he played a nice Grayling to his net.
A PB as well 1-12 well Done mate.

Even the Tunnocks couldn't warm me up today .We caught no more, and was glad to be going home .Till the next Time .

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