Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Hard Frost 24-2-16

Myself and Chris decided to have a midweek session on the river.Im busy at work over the next few weekends so to get out was great.We chose our pegs and my tactics was maggot feeder and maggot hook bait .
Overcast and it wasn't long before I netted my first bite ,a Grayling.
Having a well deserved rest, boy these fish don't half fight .
Chris spent the first hour trotting and nothing to show for his efforts .I was getting plenty of knocks and managed  a trout and lost two fish.Chris was now on the tip and catching trout.We had only been there just over an hour when the snow came and the bites dried up so we moved.
This was swim no 4 now and we hadn't managed anymore fish, I had a few knocks and missed a bite so we moved again and decided this would be our last swim.
Today's treat for me .When we arrived at swim no 5 Chris was soon into trout and I managed another grayling .The river was clear the temps were up and down all day.Over the next two hours of daylight it was all trout for me and Chris
Considering the conditions I managed 2 Grayling and 6 Trout.Chris managed 8 trout and one grayling .We worked hard today but the bright conditions and maybe the snow put the dace and chub off .An enjoyable day to get out .
A beautiful view as the light was fading 
We fished into darkness.A long day but great to be out and we had a few laughs too.Tight Lines Bloggers,See ya Soon.

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