Monday, 14 March 2016

Last River Session 13-3-16

Having not fished in what seems like ages and with the weather warming up I grabbed my chance Sunday tea time to get up to the river and fish a peg I've always fancied but never been able to.
Hemp and crushed halibut in the feeder would be my feed for the evening session
and boilie wrapped in my homemade paste.
My Paste thawing out as I got set up for the evening.was a lovely evening when I arrived but once I had cast out at 5 pm
The temp started to drop and the wind was cold .It would be 6-30 before my first bite ,a Chub...
After that bite the fish came on the hourly I was getting plenty of knocks throughout the night .By 9-30 pm I had 4 good chub in total.
Lovely red sky down river from my swimn 
Between 9-30 and 10 pm I had 2 more chub and decided to swap rods over and change tactics to grab a barbel .
Chub no 6.
At 10-30pm I packed up with no further bites, the wind now was bitter and I decided to call it a day .
Definitely Chub Snacks .
Till the next time Bloggers .

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