Sunday, 7 February 2016

Other side Of The River

I I didn't fish last week so I decided to fish a different side of the river today, the opposite bank.Tactics would be one rod maggot feeder and maggot or lob hook bait .The river was carrying more water due to Saturday,s rainfall and I picked out a nice peg in a nice slack area .
Today's treats.
Typical I had a trout, followed by another and a roach in peg one.
The sun tried to appear with a nice blue sky, but it didn't last long before the cloud reappeared and the wind got stronger as the day progressed.
Same picture later, overcast and cloudy.
I decided to move and again I was into another trout, they must of followed me from the other peg.I then managed a Rudd before more trout in the net.
At this point it looked liked rain and I was catching more trout, then a nice bite and finally I managed a Chub.I finished the day's total with 5 Trout 1 Roach 1 chub and a Rudd , not bad under the windy conditions.I packed up before dark just as the rain arrived.
Till the next Time .

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