Saturday, 3 September 2016

Friday Night Mixed Bag

Well looking at the weather Friday night seemed the best time to get out.I decided to fish a different stretch in a peg I've fished before ,I set off early to beat the traffic and as I neared Preston there had been an accident.I arrived in my peg around 6 pm and set about casting every 20 mins to get some bait down before dark.I fished pellet and boilie as per usual and once darkness arrived I wasn't going to cast until I'd had a bite.It was a nice evening ,quite warm actually sat in a long sleeve T shirt ,blue skies and little cloud cover.During day light hours I'd had two knocks ,fish were topping and I was looking forward to darkness.At around 9pm the temps dropped,a slight mist on the river and it went really damp,summers over,it's gone to quick if you ask me.I had a slow pull on my pellet rod ,then another has the rod hooped over,fish on.
Probably the smallest barbel I've ever caught .About half an hour later I managed a chub around 2 lb.
As the evening progressed and I didn't mention I had toothache,which was rather unpleasant and matched the fishing to be honest.I decided to stay until 11pm and pack up as I was going out of my mind with toothache.I recast both rods again at 10-30  sat back trying to nurse my pain away with a coffee,which wasn't helping but at least warmed me up as it was getting colder now and all of a sudden a slight pull,fish on,thought it was an eel at first,it wasn't .............
A nice Roach to end the night.All fish fell to pellet tonight and I think a change of fishing for a bit now and wait till the rivers are running at a decent level.To be honest I should of gone elsewhere,but I expected the other stretch to be busy.Tight Lines ,Till I'm Out Next,Bream I think .

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