Sunday, 18 September 2016

Bad Day On The Res

Yesterday I decided to visit Jumbles for a days fishing on the tip rod.I decided to fish a swim called the pylon peg ,we used to fish years ago for pike.I started off casting 10 feeders full of Groundbait , maggot , corn and pellet out to my spot.
My marker was the buoy you can see in the picture. It wasn't long before I was into fish, but then a problem, there seemed to be a ledge or drop off where either the fish came off or on two occasions Mrs Pike Took them .
Clear bright conditions were not an ideal fishing day for me.
Another factor for me Is the clear water I've never known it to fish well.Anyways I managed my first fish a skimmer .
I decided now after losing so many fish I would put another swimn in . Same distance , but aim at the pylon as my marker, I put five feeder fulls out and waited , and waited , not a knock .
Pylon on far bank, after an hour I switched back to my other spot. The only time the water saw a ripple was off the slight breeze during the day. I did manage another fish later but I decided enough was enough and packed up.
I had one bite earlier on that resulted me reeling in 30 yards of line and a free feeder .
I'd always wanted to try this area, if the conditions had been better I think the fishing might have.The other side fishes a lot better, and in hindsight should off gone there.Anyway till the next time, nice to fish for something different, a nice break away from the barbel, For Now.
Tight Lines , Till I'm out again.

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