Saturday, 24 September 2016

Lymn Dam 24-9-16

Well it's been on the cards for a while a trip to Lymn Dam with Eddie for a days fishing the feeder.
Sign at end of Dam wall , its £5 for a day ticket or in eddies case being an OAP £2-50.we had a walk down and after seeing fish topping we decided to fish with our backs to the church.Now we would be fishing two different methods,
Eddie would be fishing a method feeder and boilie hook baits and pellet , and me old school cage feeder, maggots, dead maggots, castors ,worm and corn would be my hook baits .
My selection for the day on the feeder.
My Groundbait mix .I decided to fish at about 45 yards out, putting 5 big feeders out .It was slow all morning with just one knock for me .
My view, the tree in the centre was my marker . Eddie hadn't had a touch and  it was looking like a Blank.
Eddies Peg, nice solid pegs to fish 11 o clock and bite less , Eddie went  into Lymn to go and get us some meat and potato pies . While he was gone I decided to put another swim in at 20 yards, I put 5 feeders out , then the pies arrived .
Blooming gorgeous, I was starving , funny how my new swimn came to liife and I was into fish , I was getting plenty off action catching perch and roach.
Eddie was still blanking and I think he was phoning a friend for advice lol.By now I had caught 4 perch and 2 roach .
Eddie casting further out in search of a bite .we listened to Man Utd on the radio and decided at 3pm we would call it a day. I went back on my long line for 3 casts but no bream , so went back on the short line and was catching again and was into roach and Perch again.It proved to be a difficult day , Highlight were the Pies.Eddie using his modern baits failed and he blanked .I finished with 7 perch and 3 Roach .Not Prolific by any means .So the scores on the doors were Browny 10 Brocky 0.
View from the Dam wall, a big water and would go again, an enjoyable Day out.
Till the Next Time .

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