Sunday, 28 August 2016

Big or small love them all

I didn't fish last week due to the awful weather and the river was rising rapidly to just over 4 metres so I gave it a miss.Last night would see me arrive at at a different stretch at 6pm and I made my way to a swim I havnt fished in over 12 months.Tactics would be feeder on both rods,hook baits would be pellet and boilie.The river was low and clear not my preferred choice I do like some colour,anyway let's get the rods out and sit back and have a coffee.It was a very overcast evening with a warm wind blowing from my left.It was hard to make out any taps or twitches due to the wind blowing my tips about.
About 150 yards away this chap was salmon angling and no doubt he would of been in my swim at some point earlier on.So usual stuff keep topping the swim up with the feeder every 15-20 mins to get some bait down before dark.It would be 7-30 and my first pull turned into a good twitch,fish on and put a good fight for the size of him,a splasher as we call them ,but who's complaining,not me.
1-0 to the pellet.
So now darkness had arrived,the wind was still warm and I kept the bait goin in every 25-30 hoping they would turn up and feed,it can be a very productive area,at least 4 fish in the past with low 8,s and 9,s..I decided to eat my last Tunnocks at around 9 pm and pour a coffee and sit back now and listen to what was going on,the Ducks were out,the Owls too,it's a lovely place to sit.Then bang on 9-30 my rod hooped over and fish no 2 of the night graced my net ,another small length of Gold.
Pellet 2 Boilie 0
As the evening progressed,the clouds were dark and it looked like rain,flashes of lightning in the Sky aswell around 10-30pm.I decided to call it a day at 11pm,nothing was happening and I was pleased I'd caught,so I packed up.Ive had a great start to my season with 3 Doubles.But as the saying goes,Big or small ,love em all.
Tight Lines Bloggers,Till the next time .

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