Sunday, 7 August 2016

Double Trouble 6-8-16

I arrived at the river it was warm and muggy,I loaded the barrow and went on a long walk  looking for a swim.I arrived at a swim I'd fished before,the river was lower than last week .I decided to fish two rods straight away,one on pellet and the other on boilie.Both rods fished with crushed halibut pellet and hemp.I would be casting each rod every 15-20 mins to get some bait out ber fore darkness which was 9-30pm last night.I was fishing by 7-30pm,I poured a coffee and was baiting a couple of rigs before dark and at 7-55 my pellet rod roared off,fish on for all of 10 seconds.I reeled in and checked the hook it was fine,I recasted and sat back.I was getting plenty of taps and a good couple of raps on my boilie rod .It was 9 pm now and the breeze was wonderful,the wind had picked up putting some ripple into the slow flow of th river and a relief to cool down.The ducks and the swan that likes to get at your bait bucket were out in force looking for freebies as I was the only angler around.It was getting nearer to 10 pm and I was thinking of moving my right hand rod to another spot,then all of a sudden my right hand rod went into melt down,fish on.Loads of action on the clutch and what a fight it was putting up in the low levels of the river.I knew there was some deeper areas in front of me to net the fish and as I was sliding the net under the fish my feeder got caught in the net as the fish tried to make another run snatching my landing net pole from my hand,I was in trouble.I waded further out grabbed my net,freed the feeder and netted the fish I was relieved it was over.I decided to reel my other rod in and sort this fish out,too late it was off,another barbel on,what a job netting another fish when you have one in the net.Finally the manic 20 minutes was over.I rested both fish ,got the sling,scales already as I knew the bigger one was a Double.I weighed it and it went 11.2 lb ,was absolutely buzzing and wet to my knees after wading out.
And what a belter ,I was really pleased with the result.
Not massive but the other barbel .I re baited both rods wet,poured a coffee and sat back big smile on my face.I gave it till 11 pm ,packed up and and a wet squidgy walk back too the van,but well worth it.
Tight Lines Bloggers,Till the next time.

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