Monday, 12 October 2015

Jumbles resovoir 12-10-15

Myself and Eddie decided to have one last feeder session at Jumbles.eddie winning the previous 3 Trips he was brimming with confidence texting me saying see you at 7-45 expect another drubbing.
The mix we would've using , ready to be riddled, Brown crumb and Bread crumb mixed 50/50.
As I was putting my fourth feeder out Eddie was into a roach and kept telling me it was 1-0 to him.As the morning 
Progressed it seemed we were only goin to catch roach .
The res was lower than our last session
One minute is was overcast, and like a mill pond , then some sun and a light breeze,and the roach kept coming, until
The bream came to my swim.
I managed 4 nice bream to eddies one.
During the course of the day I had pike trouble,I managed to get in two damaged roach, I was bitten off and lost a decent bream to a big pike.The highlight of the day was as I was bringing in a small Roach a pike launched itself out of the water and missed it.
As the afternoon wore on the boats were out and even the speedboat couldn't get the waves going to help them out, it was 
Too calm.
As the day was coming to a close it was a close call, but remember I was going to get a drubbing by Eddie, there was only a couple of fish in it , Eddie levelled the scores 17-17, would it be enough for a draw, unlucky mate it wasn't.
Browny  21 Brocky 17.
I finished the day with 16 Roach, 1 perch and 4 Bream.Eddie had 15 Roach, a perch and a bream.
An enjoyable day, nice to get out ,thanks Eddie .

Till the tip pulls round , Tight Lines bloggers .

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