Sunday, 18 October 2015

Perfect for Perch 18-10-15

Today saw me get out for my first perch session .It wasn't goin to be an early start as I've a cold and thought I'd go a bit later as this water doesn't seem to have a feeding window for the perch.
Upon arrival I had a quick look at some pegs I'd fished before,but decided against it as the margins had green algae.I headed over to the other side of the lake to get out of the wind.Today would see me fish two rods,one on alarm,the other centre pin and match rod.
To my right I had a tree with low branches which looked a good area,so that's where I fished the pin,too my left I fished the other rod.Red maggots and chopped lobs would be my feed ,and a lob on both rods.As the morning progressed my float was sailing away and my alarm rod on several occasions,with no fish banked.I decided to change tactics,half a lob on each rod.
My first bite came to the alarm rod,a small perch .My float rod sailed away not long after,to what I thought was a small perch,it wasn't ,it was a Ruffe.
The weather today was warm considering a nice right to left breeze across the lake ,I was nice and sheltered by the trees.It wasn't long before my first decent perch,the bobbin rose steadily ,then dropped back,perch on.
1.2 fell to the alarm rod ,never saw the leaf .
I was getting more indications as the day went by,then a good sail away on the float and another decent sized perch .
I managed 4 more smaller perch and a nice Rudd on the pin which was fun.Then my alarm rod roared off,thought it was a bigger perch ,no such look.
A nice roach just over a pound .Hopefully next time I can get back on the other water.
Can't forget the tommy Ruffe .till the next time Bloggers .

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