Sunday, 22 November 2015

Turning colder 22-11-15

Well after last weeks blank on a different water,me and Chris were back on our usual water.We chose our pegs and Chris was fishing the slider for roach and I was fishing two rods with Lobs .
The morning started off with some light drizzle and a nip in the air.
It was starting to brighten up and soon the sun came out and warmed us up.The perch were having a feeding frenzy early doors , I was getting indications and nothing positive.Chris was struggling in his peg.At about 12-30 I decided to reel in my margin rod and get the float rod out.
I was getting fry shy timid bites and missed a few.Typical you look away and the float dips.Finally my float sailed away.
Not massive but very welcome on a tough day where bites were few and far finicky than usual.
Chris struggled today, this water tends to switch off as it gets colder.
In the afternoon the temperature dropped and it was cold, we stayed half hour into dark .This water is far more difficult for perch, my PB came from here last year 
And I don't doubt there's a few more in this water, but not in big numbers.Looks like a switch back to the other water next week or maybe a chub session . Till the next time, temps rising again during the week and more rain to come, so next weekend could see us on a river or Stillwater .

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