Sunday, 8 November 2015

New Perch Water 8-11-15

My Tench I caught on the previous Blog.
So today I would be on my own as Chris was watching the Rugby (Boring ).Anyway I had to fish a new water due to my other water being closed.I managed to get set up and back under the shelter as the first downpour came down.I decided to fish this water in a similar style,one rod close the other just 3 rod lengths out.As the morning came to a close,not a beep,I was trickling maggots in every 20 minutes.
Then an unexpected visitor from nowhere,how's it going he said ,oh here we go I thought,after a brief chat that I was wasting my time fishing for perch as there all dead and there's only small ones in here,your best elsewhere.I quickly changed the subject and he went on his way and I could get on with my fishing.Heard it all before,seems funny I walked the water and had seen Big Perch hammering Fry,so either he was trying to put me off ,well he hasn't.
At 2 pm I decided to move the rods and fish down the edge.At 2-30 my bobbin rose steadily and stopped,cmon I thought,then nothing.My only action of a tough day and I got soaked packing up.
Will I be back,well I won't be put off.
Tight lines bloggers,Till the Next Time.

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