Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Maybe Time To Move On . 20-12-15

Well with Chris not well I was off to No 1 
Water.I knew where I was going to fish
With usual tactics ledger rods in the morning, then around lunchtime float fish.
it was around 8-30 I was getting lots of indications and at around 9-30 I had my first perch of around a 1 LB.
At 10 am it went all Pete tong I had a single bleep then my bobbin shot up fish on, I'd left my net on the other side of my pod and I was trying to get it and it came off, Wasn't chuffed .
I went on the float rod for an hour and only managed an Tommy Ruffe.
Like big Lob these Tommy,s
It was fairly overcast for most of the day and the sun shone briefly .It was getting 
Difficult to present the float in the chop of water so I went back on the ledger rods.
I managed another bite at 2-30 but it came off .I stayed till dark without a bite 
And packed up as the rain stopped . 
I will update pics in the next blog. I'm not 100 percent convinced this water will produce and fancy trying elsewhere
Till the next time .

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