Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Bitterly Cold 13 December 15

Back out on our no 1 water myself and Chris were out again for Perch & Roach.
I still havnt got any Lobs so today would
See me fish a worm maggot cocktail on
the float rod and a Prawn on the ledger
As usual Chris was catching from the start with lovely roach and some nice bream.I was struggling on the float
Very finicky bites that would see me catch only 3 small perch, Chris had managed a few Roach to a pound.
At lunchtime I put the float rod away and fished my other ledger rod with worm and maggot cocktail, this would see me catch another perch, but not of any size.
It was an overcast day with drizzle in the afternoon and a very cold wind.Chris maintained his catching throughout 
The day until it slowed down,my prawn rod remained untouched all day.Chris managed late on to catch a 1-9 Roach
Well done sir.
It was just one of those days I think the bigger perch were chasing fry instead of feeding .Im also beginning to doubt if there is any bigger perch in here.

Not massive but on a cold day you can't complain.Hopefully come this weekend with temps rising and Lobs in my possession I can tempt the bigger Perch.
Till the next time .

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