Sunday, 6 December 2015

Maggot & castor 6-12-15

Well with No1 water being closed I ventured out too a new water I hadn't fished before.Upon arrival I chose a swim
One rod close in, one rod cast to a feature.Wasnt long before the heavens opened ,I'd left the umbrella in the van 
I nipped and got it and it was an hour before it cleared up .Now the bad part
Most off my lobs were dead but I managed to salvage a few , which I may add were not enough for a full day.After sitting it out till 12, with a few false beeps and pulls I decided to drop in the swim next door and float fish, this is where the maggots and castors came into play.
I could of kicked myself as I'd forgotten to fetch the prawns, which I was going to try out.As the rest off the day went by I managed 5 Rudd and 5 perch, nothing off any size.There was plenty off bigger perch smashing fry throughout the day.
not a good day really, forgotten bait
Dead lobs, thank god for the maggots & Castors.Till the next time Bloggers.

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