Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Float & Feeder 23 -12-15

A Great Roach from Chris from a couple of sessions ago,Glad your feeling better Mate.
Perch from my last session.
Todays session would see me fish two methods for a change rather than sit behind Alarms.
I would fish the float feeding maggot little and often and feeder after 12 for a few hours then
Back to the float rod till dark .I started of in a different swim further down the lake next to a
Sunken tree,trickling maggots over the float which I fished half a Lob.
There was a lot of ripple on the water
 and at times it was difficult to see any bites.
It took nearly two hours to get my first bite,a small perch.It would be 11am when my first real bite and after putting up a short fight this a Perch hit the net.
1.3 lb worth waiting for .
Chris turned up at lunch just as I was setting my feeder rod up,Small maggot feeder fished helicopter.
Chris was struggling early on and I'd had a couple of lovely roach and a Skimmer
Then Chris started to get bites but they all bumped off.By now I'd netted a Gudgeon and a couple more Roach.

Chris was steadily catching now and seemed to have a pike snatch a fish and put a bend in his rod.
At 3pm I went back on the float hoping to land another perch or two,as the light faded it looked like it wasn't going to
and it didn't .
Tight lines Bloggers and Merry Christmas from 777

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