Monday, 29 July 2013

Bream Rigs 29-7-13

Ive been experimenting this season with my bream rigs.I love the pallatrax the hook range of 10,s and 12,s.
Until i discovered the Gardner specimen hook range,ive been using 10,s and 12,s.
The hook itself has a nice large eye for threading braid through and is a beaked point and has an 5 degree
inturned eye.There very sharp and cant believe i havnt got a blunt one yet.

In the picture above i have 3 rigs,the top one is the 3 corn rig and the hook is positioned slightly down ,this has been a great rig of late.The other two rigs are what i normally use for pellet.The secon rig has a piece of
bouyant foam,just helps it pop up out of the feed.

I like to make my rigs between 4-5 inches.The braid i have been using is garner trickster,which lies nice and flat.The other is drennan which is slightly thicker and is very similar to the gardner.

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