Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bait 27-7-13

Well my bait supply was getting real low.I had a look through my bait buckets and found some vitalin .
The vitalin will be my base for my bulk mix .I just needed to add some particles and pellets to it.With all my other baits used up,i needed to get out and buy some more.

We went out today and ended up in B &M ,i noticed a selection of bait they had in and took a look.What i saw cost wise looked a pretty reasonable price too.I purchased some hemp,particle mix ,some boilies too crush up,halibut pellets and some drilled halibut pellets.All priced at £1.99 a bag..................

I normally like to buy in bulk,especially pellets,i just hadnt got round to it this year as i had quite a few left.
I must admit i like to buy quality bait and cant really say yet whether this bait is quality enough.Im looking to add to the vitalin ,so for the price its turned out to be a bargain........................

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