Monday, 12 August 2019

Window Feeders 12-8-19

I fished a new Venue today and instead of writing about my session I thought I’d write about feeders.Theres plenty of different feeders , Cage, open ended , blockend and maggot feeders on the market but earlier this year I saw the new window feeders and wondered what all the fuss was about using them . So let’s take the cage feeder as an example  plug it with groundbait add your particle baits and plug it again .well with the window feeders it’s totally different .They  come in two types a solid feeder of which once cat out the bait releases on the bottom .The caged one releases the bait on the drop better for deeper water as you can catch as it’s going down .

They come in 3 sizes small medium and large .From 20g to 60g including a large bait up feeder .
The thing is with the feeders , put all your particle baits in a tub , micros, casters, Dead maggots , live maggots , chopped worm and corn , in whatever variations suits .

Load it in top picture and plug it in the bottom picture with your groundbait .A great way to get feed out in your swim . Improved my feeder Fishing , Give then a try let me know.
Till the next time .

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