Monday, 28 October 2013

Treble-7 Roll Arm Indicator

I tested the original ones i made last year,they stood up really well.I decided they needed  some modifications.
I have had the heads made bigger,just so they are heavier,The carbon arm remains,so does the aceytal that has the weight attached at the back of the indicator,a new clip added to attach to the bank stick.

I was using the matrix clips on the head,they worked really well even though when i mentioned them on facebook i got shot down in flames,who cares there for me only.

I have a new clip which is a custom clip,a small bearing inside holds the braid perfectly.I will be painting the heads,need to test first to see if the paint takes,then ill fully assemble them and show a picture.
Here,s a taster...............Picked the heads up today of Lawrence,drilled and tapped,ready for assembly.
This was the original version,the weight at the back is a inline lead,now replaced by a 30g weight.The clip i used was a cable cleat.I will assemble the new ones and update,watch this space.

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