Saturday, 26 October 2013

Once a week angling.

Like many anglers all over the country i fish once a week,id like to go more but home life and work has to be a priority.I set off tonight at 4-15pm,i arrived at the river just after 5.The river was carrying a bit of extra water with a tinge of colour.

I set off up river to a spot i fished earlier in the season,rather than the long walk.I  settled in behind the cutaway bank ,pellet and bag and boillie wrapped in paste.It wasnt long before the rain started,no brolly,last week it was the flask.I sat in the swim and it was leaves leaves leaves.At 7pm and nothing to show for my efforts,i packed up and moved.

on the walk back i was looking at swims and decided to drop some gear back at the van and headed to my swim choice,i got the rods out and waited,by now it was lashing it down,what the hell am i doing here i thought,im not a quitter.I reeled one rod in and fished with the other rod, a few twitches and it was looking promising,the rain was getting harder and forced me to quit,so it was a blank.

Ive concentrated on three stretches this season,this stretch tonight ive fished five times,ive had a 7 lb barbel a 4.7 chub a splasher barbel and 3 blanks.ive done really well on another stretch with quite a few barbel,and the other stretch saw me get my 9.2 pb.

Think its time to get the pike rods out now,Tight Lines

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