Friday, 7 June 2013

River Season,Barbel Time 7th June 2013

Just under 9 days before the river season kicks off.New stretches to explore and im really looking forward to getting back on the river.With all this warm weather were having at the moment,the river is low and clear.We need some rain before i get on there,or will be fishing in the evening.As usual free running rigs,lead or feeder,pellet and boilie baits again.I havnt had any success on boillie ,so for the last few months ive soaked my boilies in sardine oil and lamprey oil to enhance the flavour and maybe give me an edge and let the flavours ooze out into the flow and draw them barbel to my baits.Hoping for a double figure barbel this season,if not any size will do.Ive scaled down my bag and out with the tackle box and in with two small compartment boxs.Good luck to all you river anglers..............................Tight Lines
On the left,soaked in lamprey oil,on the right soaked in sardine oil,all drained off now.

Love these little fox rig boards,as you can see made four rigs already.Length between 2-4 foot.

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