Saturday, 15 June 2013

Korum Supa-Lite Chair

Well my nash chair finally packed up and was uncomfortable and legs wouldnt extend,basicaly worn out.Id been on the look out for a new one. A trip to Fishing Republic to have a sit on the chairs they have in stock,plenty to choose from..I sat on quite a few and was really impressed with the new preston feeder chair and the nash daddy long legs,well the comfort of feeder fishing off the prestons would be awesome and if i were a carper the nash for just relaxing and watching the world go by,but for being on the move,niether any good to me.I.d sat on the new Korum roving chair a few weeks earlier and it wasnt for me,then i spotted the new Korum supa-lite chair,light like me old nash,carrrying it no problem,whether moving swims or on the river,my mind was made up and i purchased one.And its comfy aswell...Tight Lines.....


  1. Hi Pete,

    Excellent blog

    I am considering one of these chairs, how are you finding it ? Is ok for use on uneven river banks ?


    1. Hi darren,its great an un even river banks and is light,sorry for late reply,been on holiday,tight lines

  2. Thanks for the reply Pete.

    Enjoying the blog, keep the updates coming ;)