Thursday, 27 September 2012

Penn Slammer 460L Live Liner Reel

When it comes to reels i can honestly say im always swopping about different models .When i purchased this reel for my Barbel fishing i could not believe how good it was,i wasnt happy till i owned a pair.This reel can be bought as low as £79 if you shop about.The reel in itself is awesome ,it has a super smooth drag which is needed for barbel,the baitrunner engages with a simple turn of the handle.It has a spool capacity of 210 yards.The only downside is you only get one spool & that the reel is black & gold,not my colour of choice but im not after looks its the performance.Casting a big feeder into the river is effortless to reel in.Another thing about this reel is it has no backwind facility,so if you dont like using the drag then this reel isnt for you.The reel was designed for braid so you could target big fish,i dont use braid on the reel,but will have no qualms using this reel for pike,its been specially designed to take the strain of braid ,where most reels in time will have the shaft bent or even worse the spool exploding.Basically its bomb proof and i love em.
View from the front showing the front drag
Penn 460L Liveliner

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