Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Barbel season

Im just goin to reflect on my 2nd  season as a barbel angler.Ive thouroughly enjoyed it discovering new spots on the river and moving swims to find fish.Ive kept it simple all season,running feeder  or lead,with all my fish falling to Pellet,cant seem to catch them on boilie or dumbells.Im really pleased now with my paste mix which i now have spot on.My last 4 sessions have  all produced blanks for barbel,but thats fishing.The river has been low most of the year apart from one decent flood,saw it run off and i had my new pb of 8.8.Ive had 3 8,s this season which is pleasing.I enjoyed rolling meat on the trent which is something i will do more next season.I also had a new pb Chub of 4.12.Ive now packed away my gear,but can put my hands on it should the winter temps allow for some winter barbel,maybe January ,who knows.Its time for Pike now .
A lovely view on an earlier session this season,peace and a lovely view...................

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  1. Thats a good write up Pete and the picture reminds me of a spot i used to fish on the ribble,