Monday, 30 July 2012

Moved down river

Decided to investigate another section of the river,some great swims.River was still low with a bit of colour.Dropped into a nice swim with a good flow,wasnt long before my first bite,hit into a solid fish,then all of a sudden im locked up,i was in some snag,tried moving up river to release it,no chance.After a while i pulled for a break,time to move.Dropped into a swim further up and wasnt long before i was into my first fish,didnt really fight hard,glad to net her,rest her then pictures.Didnt weigh the fish,put her back and moved again.I had a small chub late on,thought the bites would come into darkness,but nothing.
Not a big barbel,but was really pleased after casting to the area where i got the bite,as usual fell to Pellet.

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