Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another Great Day On The River

Well another early start this morning,left home at 5-15 am,arrived at the river for 6-00am.The sun was low in the sky as i walked across the field,i settled to start in a swim i have had fish before.Two rods,one feeder the other lead,the feeder mix was a fishmeal based groundbait with 4 and 8mm pellets,both hook baits were pellet.I made some paste on thursday to try out,both rods were cast out and the wait began,plenty of trout jumping and fish showing.My first bite was a trout,quickly un hooked and put back.after spending what seemed ages i packed up my right hand rod up,then all of a sudden my left hand rod went,i was into a good fish,then allof a sudden felt as though fish had snagged me then bang,snapped .I reeled in to find my hook length had snapped below the swivel,must have caught some bedrock.Packed up that rod and went for a long walk to look for another swim.Finally set up another swim,seemed like ages then my first take,a nice whisker of 5lb 8.
I decide to fish a rod closer in,but kept trying the feeder rod further out,i had changed to a double pellet,3 mad knocks and i was into my second whisker,lovely colour ,5lb 6.
This was my paste,i will let you know the mix at a later date.

Last year i used the Nash Chain reactions instead of pva,u just slide them down your hooklink,i just wedge a chunk off reed in the end to trap it so it doesnt fly up the hook link,just above the pellet is my paste.

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