Sunday, 26 July 2015

Back on the Canal 25-7-15

After my last canal session which was a blank,I was in two minds,river or canal,I opted to go back to the canal and try and catch a carp,this area has only seen me catch bream and tench.I arrived at about 7pm and headed to my usual spot,I was going to try another spot but there were people sat on the far bank behind there barges playing music and having a barbecue.
My rods were out and I sat back to what was a lovely evening,it wasn't until about 8 pm my left rod was off.
And this was the result,a bit battered and bruised Bream.
I put that rod back out on the spot and at 8-20pm my left rod is off again,same bream,Ha
Just as it was getting dark I moved my right hand rod on a different spot.
At about 10-15 pm my left hand rod was off again ,a similar sized bream.I sat there for another 15 mins
And decided to go home.Tight Lines Bloggers .

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