Thursday, 9 July 2015

2 Short Canal Sessions 9-7 15

I started the day of by going back to try another area on the canal I hadn't fished for a while.It was a lovely sunny day with a nice breeze.I set up and fished off a barge,boat traffic was busy at times , then a barge came too close to my rods and wiped my right hand rod out, I wouldn't mind everybody else had seen me, there's always one idiot.
I recast ,and sat back, wasn't long before I had s screamer.
Lovely Tench, no more bites , so headed home with an evening session to go.
I arrived for the evening session, similar conditions, I put both rods out and relaxed what I thought looked perfect for a bite.Apart from 2 single beeps on my left hand rod, nothing was happening, till 30 mins later, and that rod was off, after a great fight, she was in the net a lovely canal common.
A new PB 11-13, had to take pic of my camera, will post better pic, when I can
Tight lines Bloggers, enjoying my sessions on the canal .

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