Monday, 8 September 2014

Temperature Drop. 7-9-14

Arrived at the river later than usual at 7-15 pm,lovely and warm.Headed down stream to fish above two anglers who were below me,a new peg i hadnt fished before.Decided to fish both rods up stream,feeders on both rods with pellet and boilie hook baits.The moon behind me lit up the bank as soon as it went dark at 8-30 .Then the temperature started to drop with a nice mist on the river.My tips were rattling so i felt confident of a bite or two.Wasnt long before my right hand rod twitched and a small chub fell to pellet.I was casting every 20 mins to get some bait down,hoping the barbel would turn up.

At 10pm my left hand rod rattled off,barbel on to boilie,quick pic and put her back,not massive but welcome.

Not a great picture.....................................................
I had another chub at 11pm and twitches but nothing more,i packed in at 11-30 and headed home.Till the next time bloggers,tight lines.Winter will be here soon .Hoping to get a few more sessions in for the barbel.

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