Sunday, 14 September 2014

New Swim,same river 13-9-14

I headed up to the river earlier than normal as the nights are drawing in now,dark at 7-30.As usual the long walk,not another angler in sight,till i got to where i wanted to fish,swims were taken.I walked back down stream and chose a peg just past where id fished before.

Tactics as per usual,feeders,boilie and pellet.I fished one rod across the river and one half way.It wasnt long before the twitches and pulls started,looking good,well i thought it was.It wasnt until it got dark i got my first bite,a small chub.Up river from me all i could here were feeders crashing and boilies plopping,anoying to say the least.I decided to switch rods over,boilie to the left and pellet to the right,what a mistake,wasnt long before i got that thumping on the rod tip,and slipped the net under a damn eel.ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
made a mess of the net,hooklenth,dropped my forceps in the river,what a mess.Finally sorted it out got my forceps back and eel went on its way.

Wasnt long before the rod went again ,same style,this time it came off,then again same thing,bloody eel,s
i recasted to another area,it stopped,seems eels like boilies,lol.

I just carried on regardless and looking at my bait situation it was looking low,a change of pellet and a bag of goodies paid off at midnight.
A welcome chub,packed up at 12-30,no barbel,till the next time,tight lines bloggers.............

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