Monday, 3 March 2014

What A Lovely Day 3-3-14

As i wasnt working today i had to dry out my stuff from sundays blank,nice and dry now in this lovely sunshine.I spent the morning with my mum we had breakfast did some tidying up as you do and decided to get out at about 1pm for a few hours on my local canal.I opted for the marina area as there plenty of boats.
My target was perch or wont say no to a pike.
My set up was my 2-8g 6-6 rod,1500 reel,13 lb braid to a flourocarbon leader,5 g jig head and various berkley and fox rubbers.When i arrived at the canal there were two others lure fishing and as the conditions wernt perfect,it was nice to be out.

It was hard to tell,fox or a dog.....sun was well bright and you can see me too,lol

I worked around the bridge and then made my way round to the marina.Im unsure on the perch here i know of carp,pike and bream.Spoke to a chap float fishing,he said he catches rudd and small perch.I made my way round where there is a few boats and casted various baits with now joy and moved round to the other side,where casting in between the boats is a doddle.I worked the boats,it was quite warm and it seemed nothing was coming out to play,then all of a sudden bang,im in,couldnt see what it was yet as the water was slightly coloured,it came up,i was gobsmacked a bream of the 2-3 lb mark.

The bream,took a 7cm berkley lure.........................

Burning sun in the sky....................................................

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  1. No way, hope you sent it back with at least 2 size 4 owners in its back lol good read Pete m8