Sunday, 17 March 2013

Pike Drop Off Indicators 17-3-13

I like to use rear drop offs and open bail for my pike fishing.I tried the carp style bobbin when i first started but couldnt get on with them.My first indicators were the fox ones with the line gate.I had problems with the gates opening.I purchased a pair  off the Mark Houghton drop offs a couple of seasons ago.These  are designed to be fished at a 45 dergree angle ,not tight to the reel.Any way ill get back to these another time because ive modded the way you attach them to your bank stick.Last year i used my home made ones which i constructed from various materials.The only thing i wasnt happy with was how i attached them to my bankstick.I used the matrix line clip which has an o ring so you can set the tension,now ive read elsewhere these are crap,well i never had a problem with them and was happy with them.I havnt got a lathe so a friend i know drilled them for me.The only problem i had was he couldnt thread the head so i glued the clips in which if they snapped that would be a problem.Then again there only prototypes of what i was trying to achieve.The head is heavy enough to show a drop back and i attached the solar weight at the back so they would roll downwards.The weight is 30g and you can add more weight if needed.
The head with Matrix clip and carbon shaft...................

I used a cable cleat to attach to the bank stick.The wing nut is tightened and they can be left on the bankstick.The head and shaft are removeable.I used two o rings between the threaded screw so you could tension the nearest nut so you can set them as slack as you like.............. I will be making more mods to them and will be painting the heads,really pleased how they turned out......

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  1. Nice Pete ! Looking wery good these drop of indicators . Well done mate ;)