Friday, 22 May 2020

Tench on my mind. 21-5-20

Well it’s been a long time since I went fishing . With what’s going on in the world right now with this Damn Virus I managed to get back out amongst nature sat by a lake doing what I thought I may never see again for sometime.Grateful to be out and my condolences to all the family’s who’ve lost a life to Covid 19.
My main plan was to fish a lake for tench , but not being able to get information on whether or not I could fish it.Plan B came in to effect and I went elsewhere armed with only hemp pellet and corn so it was a suck it and see moment whether it would work .Where I wanted to go maggots are a NO No due to high population of Rudd.I chose my peg and baited with 3 small balls of groundbait , it was going to be slow .I was feeding small pellet little and often .
I was fishing really close in with the centrepin and float rod .First bite was a nice bream.
Then what a came for ripped the float straight under .
A lovely tench and was well pleased . My next two bites were lovely bars of Gold .

I managed 2 crucians put up a great fight .
After bites dried up I went on the feeder rod and couldn’t buy a bite the sun was blazing hot by now
I decided to pack up and go home , not a bagging by any means but lovely day and some nice fish all falling to corn hook baits . Love catching on the centre pin it’s awesome .
Don’t forget keep it safe out there for fellow anglers in these times of uncertainty .
Tight Lines,Stay safe 

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