Sunday, 15 March 2020

Last River session of the season .

Me and Chris headed up to the river hoping for Barbel. Upon arrival it looked like a walk down river of which you could see the devestation of the last flood.We set up and conditions were very windy, river was up slightly and pushing through, I fished one rod close in and one mid river, As the evening wore on the winds were getting stronger and watching the rod tips were hard work .
Chris was recasting and mid cast his right hand rod was twitching , by the time he put his rod down and Picked the other rod up the fish had gone. I was getting a few slight twitches on my short rod and was hoping for a big Twitch . At around 9-30 we had to call it a day the rain was coming and it was unpleasant .Glad we gave it ago , what a rubbish season it’s been either the Weather or floods have done all the damage. Anyways looking forward to June.
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