Monday, 7 January 2019

Perch session 6-1-19

Chris had said to me the week before he fancied a perch session and it's a fish he had not really targeted before.So Plans were made he ordered some Lobworms and  I passed on a few pointers to him and off we went.The peg Chris was in I'd had some good success so I said to him you take that peg and I will try another area.My chosen peg was a spot I'd pole fished a while back and had some good sport,also it looked a great ambush point with the overhanging tree and branches touching the water.My attack was my 13 foot float rod,maggots(Reds) and big juicy Lobs courtesy of Chris.The depth next to the tree was roughly 6 foot .
My set up fishing right next to the overhanging branch.The day was lovely and overcast about 7 degrees but felt a touch colder,the mist rolled in about 8-30 and stayed for a couple of hours before it lifted,the water was flat calm .The thing is with this water it can be late afternoon or just before dark before anything happens,and even though we arrived at first light I said to Chris it isn't a morning water at all and patience is the key,feed them and they will come.As the morning wore on I saw Chris have a few dropped runs on his alarm rod and a while later he said his float went and he missed the bite.
I've tried prawns on this particular water with no success ,Lobs are King Here in the Land of big Perch I told Chris .As the day wore on we saw some drizzle and at one point I thought the sun might burn through the clouds but glad it stayed overcast.I was working hard in my peg feeding little and often but by mid afternoon I had nothing to show for my efforts.I considered moving to another area I fancied but I think overall they weren't playing today and the only chance now was as the light faded .At around 4pm I saw Chris net a Perch,not a sergeant but it was a catch and he hadn't blanked .
Not a great picture but a 1lb perch and it's a start.I fished till I could not see my float and nothing for me.It was an enjoyable session and we will be back.
Till we're out again .Tight Lines .

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  1. I think my perch head is coming on. I've literally miles of Fens to go at during the week so will behaving an odd half hour here and there.