Sunday, 13 January 2019

Blustery Day in Pursuit of Perch Part Two. 13-1-19

My self and Chris headed back for another perch session today.The forecast was 40 mph winds and the odd shower during the day.We arrived at the lake and had a look at an area we hadn't fished before,only trouble it was getting battered by the wind so we decided to fish the opposite side with the wind blowing of our backs.Chris set up in the same peg as last week and I settled in  a peg further round the lake.With it being windy today would see both rods on alarms for me,it was to windy to present a float .First job get the oval up and get set up.Plenty of chop on the water and grey sky's it looked good for a bite.
Both rods were set up with maggot feeders and lobworm hookbaits.Id be filling the feeders with chopped worm and red maggots and casting ever 30 minutes to get some bait and scent down.During the morning I'd had a few pulls ,plucks and drop backs ,but no fish.Chris had caught a small perch in his peg.After lunch I decided to recast to another area hoping to try and temp this elusive perch.Not long after 1 pm I saw Chris net a fish and he text me to say it was just over a pound.
So at least Chris was off the mark .
I reeled in chopped some more worm,put fresh lobs on and recast,wasn't long before another couple of drop backs.As we rolled into mid afternoon the rain came down and as soon as it stopped another couple of indications,but no Perch.Once 3-30 pm had come round we were in the lap of the fish gods as I've never caught perch after then,time to chop some more worm .
At around 4-14 I'd had another drop back and by now the wind was up again and dark was coming real fast.We packed up at around 4-40 it had turned colder by now and blustery.All my efforts today and no fish.Well done to Chris .

Till the next time ,Tight Lines Bloggers .

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