Sunday, 9 October 2016

Two Blogs In One

Sunday 2 October 2016
I headed up to the river to fish a different stretch.Upon arrival the level looked spot on as I headed towards my Peg.Plan off action was feeders and pellet hook baits.I got set up in clear blue skies with quite warm sunshine,I cast my first rod middle off the river and my other downstream of it,feeders packed with crushed pellet and hemp.From the off I was getting twitches and short pulls,probably chub but at least there was fish there.As darkness was nearing I decided to recast both rods,I re cast to the middle off the river with my right hand rod and when I went to reel my left hand rod in I was snagged,I walked up and down trying to free the feeder,I know had to pull for a break of which I don't like leaving end tackle ,but no choice.As hard as I tried to pull my clutch wouldn't tighten up,so I had to grab hold of the spool.After sitting down and trying to figure out what was up,I decide I had no choice but to retire the rod and fish on with one rod.I couldn't believe the temperature drop come 7-30 pm it must off been 7-8 degrees now,it was cold .At around 8 pm I had my first proper pull,fish on.

A nice barbel which believe it or not fell to a change off hook bait ( Boilie).As the evening wore on with out any more twitches or pulls I called it a day at 10pm.My feet were toasty in my new bogs,but layers wise I was cold.So I packed up and headed home.

Saturday 8 October 2016
So still having the barbel bug I headed up the motorway to a different stretch off river I've not fished for a while.Tonght would see completely different tactics.PVA Bags and pellets wrapped in paste would be 
My plan off attack.Arriving in my peg the river was low and clear,plenty of cloud cover and a lot milder than last week. My Left  hand rod was getting all the twitches and pulls early doors.I would have to wait just under an hour for my first bite,my right hand rod pulled,then pulled again,so I hit on.
A nice start,a tough scraping chub,on the pellet and paste.As the evening wore on it was very slow casting as little as possible,I changed to a dumbell on my left hand rod to see if a change of bait could provoke the barbel into feeding.It would be nearly an hour after the chub,same scenario again,two pulls on the rod tip,struck and fish on.felt chubby till I need my first barbel of the evening .
A small splasher,but it was a welcome bite.It was lovely say there,nice and mild a coffee cigarette or 3 and a Tunnocks played there part till my next bite came.My next bite wasn't a pull it was a full 3 foot twitch and after a good fight,I netted my Prize.
Very welcome it was too,I'd waited an hour for that one.As the evening wore on I decided I would fish another hour and if I wasn't getting any indications I would pack in at 11 Pm.As it neared 11 pm I finished my last coffee,and just took in the environment around me.I wrapped up just after 11pm and called it a night.A good result.All fish fell to pellet wrapped in paste,and I was really pleased my homemade paste worked.
Till the next time Bloggers.

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