Monday, 17 October 2016

Running Late 15-10-16

An afternoon nap saw me late setting off for the river.A pit stop for diesel,a sandwich and Choclate saw me pushing it too arrive before dark.I had two stretches in mind,I chose Plan B.Upon arrival at the river I had 25 minutes to get my peg,set up and cast out.The river was still low and clear and I decided to fish pva bag ,instead of crashing a feeder out there.Both rods would be pellet/paste hook baits .One rod half way,the othe upstream.It was a mild evening,lots of cloud cover and a full moon.I got both rods out and poured a coffee.The rods had only been in 15 minutes before my left hand rod slammed over a nice chub graced my net.I recast and sat back and it was over again,this time the fish came off,it felt like a chub.My next bite was a big pull,fish on.First Barbel off the evening in the net,resting for a picture.
A Nice barbel................
As the moon settled down stream behind cloud cover ,my rod hooped over again for no 2 chub,similar size to the last,can't complain.It went quiet now for about 40 minutes,then my upstream rod was off and a good scrap and barbel no2 was in the net,it had a strange lump and tail damage from an otter.
A nice chunky fish,shame about the tail and Lump.The moon had moved now and was lighting the river up like a torch.Soon as the cloud covered the moon,rod ripped off and I lost a fish on my upstream rod.I decided as there was some sort off snag,I repositioned my upstream rod to the right off my left hand rod..There wasn't any wind at all,it was warm in fact and what a suprise for October .It wasn't long before my left hand rod was off again and another chub,No 3 a smaller one graced the net.Still getting plenty off knocks and twitches when the moon moved behind the clouds.My left hand rod was off again,a good scrap and more clutch action ,this was no chub as Barbel no 3 came over the net.
Another cracking Barbel................
It wasn't long after the barbel I was in again and no 4 chub,biggest off the night,Hit the net .
Lovely Chubbly.....................................
Not long after my right hand rod was of ,a small chub again.What a great nights fishing.I lost 2,Had 5 chub and 3 barbel.Hoping to get out again before the leaves fall .You can't grumble for weather like this for October.
Till the next time.Tight Lines .

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