Thursday, 9 January 2014

Tackle Shop Advice On Trace Wire9-1-13

Today i went to my local tackle shop for a few bits,ill reveal them at a later date.While i was looking at some flurocarbon i over heard the assistant manager say to a customer,this is the only wire we have,them horrible spinning traces,that are absolute garbage and i wish they would not sell them.The customer said there not  strong enough,and me being me said theres wire over here mate,and i dont even work there.

Ive worked in a shop before and its not hard to know your products,this is a big shop.Anyway the chap came over and i pointed out 23,28,30 and 45 lb wire,he settled on the 45,job done in my eyes,and i dont work there,pike safety to me is top of my list where protecting them from evil wire.

When i first got into pike fishing i bought the fox ready made traces,if you cant make your own there spot on till you can,theres a few out there Drennan,middy and lynx to name a few,theres enough info on line to go out select a decent wire,whether you twist or crimp,its great making and catching on something you have made yourself.

Tip for today stay away from ready made traces on cardboard behind the counters in tackle shops,there cheap spining traces and are Rubbish,Make your own,have fun and Tight Lines..............................

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