Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rig Tweaking

After making the different rigs,i tested them all and ive settled for 4 .Heres the pics.
In the above picture ive used the esp sink braid to a size 10 Drennan Specialist Hook.The top hooklength has 2 fake maggots and a korda sinker to pin the line down,both rigs have the sinker and as you can see they sit like a claw.The rig nearest is set up the same with 3 maggots which lifts the hook more off the bottom.
Now these two rigs are totally different,the one furthest away has 2 fake maggots and a fake caster as a hairstop,same material for hooklength,a nash fang gaper size 10,both these rigs the hooks lie like a bottom bait carp rig would do,a long hair and a short hair,when the fish sucks the bait up,the hook will turn.Ive added a sinker to each as the rigs above,just need to get out now and use them,till the nxt time.

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