Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fishing Line

Well here we go 4 different spools of line all suited to my different styles of fishing.
This line has never let me down,this line breaks a lot higher than its strength,at least two pounds higher than stated.i use this for all my feeder fishing.Buying a bulk spool is the way to go,saves a few quid on smaller spools.Does exactly what it says on the Spool.

I purchased this line last year for my bream fishing.i was using GR60 Insight,i changed because i wanted a sinking line,and this line sinks like a brick.i wasnt happy with the line lay on the GR60,but that doesnt mean i wont use it ,ill explain in next picture,Anyway some people might think that 12lb is too heavy for bream,but being really honest its just right,covers you for all situations,carp and also tench and no chance of being under gunned and chance of losing a decent fish to lower breaking strain line.There is just enough line on this spool to spool up 3x 5000 type reels.It isnt a cheap line at £16-95,but compared to other lines out there this is a excellent line,i use it for barbel aswell
On my river set up i have the GR60 on one reel,i was going to change over to the xt.But im quite happy having them spooled up differently.Think this line suits itself to river fishing,where your not looking for it to sink,its a very abrasion resistant line,slightly thicker diameter than the xt
Last off all is the Power Pro,65lb Braid i use for pike.Its very cheap in the states where i purchased it from.ive had 3 seasons from my last lot,and thats with reversing the line after the seasons finished so your back to new line again.Now some dont like braid,but compared to mono,theres no stretch,its an instant strike,hooks are home.Well what about the fight,the rod bending,the clutch screaming,none of that for me,there coming in as quick as i can get them to the net.Pike can fight really hard earlier in the season,to the point they can wear them selves out and die.your rod still bends,and you can feel all the twists and turns and its exciting too.i only buy 150 yards,and back the spool up,give it a try,you might like it.

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