Saturday, 26 May 2012

Coarse and Predator Feeder Fishing Match 2012

Well how did it go,not very good to be honest.was a really warm day and think it put the fish off.out off 11 anglers taking part only 5 caught,and the weights were terrible.At the end off the day you can blame this or that on why the catch rate wasnt better,due to work being carried out on the other match length which is closed while the repairs are carried out,im sure the fishing would off been there was a trophy for the winner and a Dynamite Baits hamper for 1,2,and 3rd.Thanks to Dynamite for the donation.Heres a few pics,including Mr Cha Cha who came 3rd,well done johnny,top bloke.till the next time.

3rd Place for Mr Cha Cha

2nd Place John

1st Place Woody

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