Saturday, 22 June 2019

Feeder Fishing Part 3 22-6-19

Today I decided to fish the other lodge and upon arrival it was Bivvy  city so I decided to fish the opposite Bank.I clipped up at approx 50 yards and put out 7 Feeder fulls .Time to cast out every 10.  -15 minutes .There was a slight breeze blowing into the bank but it was getting very hot sat there waiting for the fish to turn up.After 3 hours bite less I decided to put another swim in at 30 yards and see what happened .I was swapping between maggot and corn maggot cocktail as bait on the Hook.
On the Tray today was sweet corn , maggot , micros and hemp plus the usual 50/50 groundbait mix.
I started to catch on the short line taking 2 perch , 3 roach and a skimmer .So I decided to go back on the long line and see if the bream were there, I took two 3 lb plus bream in quick succession of which this prompted me to pack up and leave as I was tired from the heat , so I packed up and left. Tight lines bloggers , an unusual mouth on the bream I’m picture .

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