Monday, 10 June 2019

Feeder Fishing Part 2 .9 June

Well I decided to have another feeder session at the same water as last time ,same approach but different peg.When I arrived it was nice and warm considering the weather lately with a wind blowing into my swim.Clipped up at around 40 yards , I fed 8 feeders of groundbait and pellet.
The bait tray fully loaded with goodies. I managed 1 perch and 2 roach and the bites were slow during the morning .At around 12-30 after sitting it
Out I decided to move and try my luck in another swim hoping the bream would turn up and feed but the bright skies were not helping the fishing .

After over two hours of nothing to show for my efforts I decided to leave as I had things to do.Nice to be back on the bank and with the river season coming I’m excited.
Tight lines, see ya soon bloggers .

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